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Star Light Hawaii Crystals & Treasures was est 2001. Owner Denise Cory Hart purchased her crystal store in 2007 in Hawi, Hawaii on the Big Island. Denise had consistently, return customers year after year from all over the world. Customers would call for special orders through out the year. Visiting Star Light was an enchanting experience and Denise was continually told how beautiful and magical her shop was. Everyone loved the good energy that radiated in and out of Star Light. Star Light Crystals carry a very vibrant Hawaii mana(power); this is why our new and long time friends of Star Light love shopping for Star Light Crystals. Denise would offer her highy attuned intuitive -spiritual abilities to help find the right crystals for: self-care, de-stressing, success, healing, love, protection, balancing etc. She has a high level of tuning in, intuitively and receiving spiritual guidance. Denise has and  can assist also in selecting gifts for friends, loved ones, weddings, corporate etc. 

In March of 2019,  Denise was forced to close her beautiful crystal store because of a vey toxic- abusive tenant next door and landlord who allowed this toxic - abusive tenant to take over her shop space of 18 successful years,  by not resigning her lease after Star Light being a very successful shop for the past 18 years.


Denise had an out-poring of love and support from Long time Friends of Star Light and New Friends of Star Light. thousands of first timers and longtime customers have called Star Light "The Heart of Hawi and the Light House;" All  wholeheartedly concur that " Justice will be served and there is a Bigger Divine Plan at work" For more details, visit our facebook page at Star Light Hawaii Crystals & Treasures. 

A new chapter began in April 2019  and is still in the making for Star Light and owner Denise Cory Hart. She believes with absolute knowing, that the Light will transform darkness and karma will clean things up in Hawi.  After the exhausting intense -  battle of 15 months and the heart- wrenching closing of her beloved, Star Light Denise was called to take a personal retreat, to her second favorite place--Sedona. Denise rented a cabin and embarked into, a month of self-care, replenishment and renewal. Since early childhood Denise has had  a very profound connection to Native American Spirituality. There was a  rekindling within her soul roots a deep love and reverence for Native American Spirituality, while hiking in over 17 red-rock majestic excursions. Denise began to have visions of leading, Women's Retreats in Sedona. Stay tuned for updates to these new and exciting plans.

In the meantime Denise is re-birthing Star Light with a new online store with the help of a longtime talented friend, Kathleen Lantos-Cochrane at (www.webspotnow.com )who is helping with her new website.

Denise has talked about teaching classes and courses online over the last five years and will finally  offer them. Please sign up to receive emails of up and coming classes. 

Denise has been offering for over 13 years to hundreds of clients. Spiritual Guidance Readings and Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching and Consulting. Her style is balanced with compassion, wisdom, truth, knowledge of ancient teachings.

As one of many ways for Denise to step into her new life, she started to paint. Denise won art awards in high school and continued after being accepted to the Museum of Fine Arts School  in Boston. Check out Denise's paintings that are infused with the vibrant spirit of Hawaii into your home and workplace.  


While Denise was attending art school, a mystical turn of a career path grabbed Denise. She was for the first time in her lift experiencing unusual intense migraines.  Denise's life took a dramatic turn, she had a co-worker at the famous 'Parker House' in central Boston,  introduced her to the healing benefits of whole foods, by questioning her indulgence in the french pastries she was eating daily from her pastry cart. This co-worker told her the story of how her father went to the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics and changed his way of eating to whole-foods and his body healed itself into balance and wellness. Once Denise started attending some intro classes and was awakened  to the negative impact of processed and sugar laden foods she was completely inspired to enroll in the two year program at the Kushi Institute for Macrobiotics, just outside of Boston. She loved learning, whole foods cooking and ancient  eastern healing modalities.  Denise was taught, there is more to one path to Enlightenment so she opened her self-up with discernment to her unique path of learning and Integrating many whole-foods systems. expanded her gifts and talents that was becoming apparent was all pre-destined. After a completion of her two years at the Kushi Institute. Denise had another pre-destined experience that brought her to a Medicine Wheel Gathering where she met A Seneca elder who invited her to live and apprentice, with her and be 'adopted' into the Wolf Clan. It was a very profound experience that touched her soul deeply. 

Denise, draws upon her 25+ years of spiritual and wholistic training, which began at age 19.  She has a high passion to learn and connect the dots to the meaning of life. Denise was called to learn from higher conscious mentors, spiritual teachers, healers, heavenly teachers and guides, and to follow her guidance on a daily basis. Denise received many visions as to how to create and build a better paradigm of life.  Denise has a very eclectic spiritual practice that has helped her through times of major growth, challenges, tests, training and mastery. She learned in her early 20’s that she had soul agreements and made a committed priority to grow spiritually and maintain a healthy body.  

Her eclectic journey being Christ centered,  Began to expand...over the years Denise has been instructed in: Tibetan Bowl Sound Harmonizing, Chakra Adjustment, Crystal Healing and Crystal attunement, Nature connection studies, symbolism, astrology, vibrational balancing, guidance interpretation and a myriad of trainings and studies to round out this amazing journey  that has sought her as much as she was seeking. To be of service for the Higher Plan and be a Teacher as an avid student, is the catalyst  into this next shift of a consciousness and wholesome  way of living humans are being currently thrown into a collective shift and awakening.

 So, what’s next? Denise has entered a new innovative phase and has been called to focus on being the Teacher she has always been a small scale in her shop Star Light. Now she is being called to expand these gifts into, classes, consulting, spiritual guidance readings, wholistic lifestyle coaching, online classes and retreats. Sound exciting? Absolutely! The Light will prevail!