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Located on Highway 270 in
Historic and Charming Hawi
(North Kohala), Big Island

Open 7 Days:
Mon - Sat 10:30 - 6:00 PM
Sun: 10:30 - 4 PM

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Aloha and Welcome to Starl Light Hawaii

Welcome & Aloha to Star Light Hawaii!!! Star Light has been in business for almost 13 years!  Please. when vacationing on the Big Island, come visit us, in Historic North Kohala right we are in the Heart of Hawi which is very charming, North Kohala is known as "Old Hawaii".  My name is Denise Cory Hart and besides owning Star Light for almost 8 years, I also offer Spiritual Guidance Sessions and Workshops that you can learn more about when you click on to  'Services'.

In Star Light you will discover many rare and unusual crystals/gemstones/power-stones, stunning semi-precious pendants, gorgeous bracelets, rings & earrings...many created locally & in Hawaii.  You will have fun learning(if this is your first visit to a Crystal/Gemstone Shop how beneficial the positive energy that emits from all  of these gemstones. You will experience how,  de-stressing, energizing, healing..... to name a few descriptions that can enhance, nurture & support our body, mind, emotions and spirit. When wearing or holding theses gems it works similar to how vitamins supplement our body. With our hectic lifestyles many us are realizing how important & vital 'Self Care' is to our total well-being. Crystals where created as a a tool for us to assist us in being well.

I have been told by many of my wonderful visitors & locals,  that Star Light is an “Exquisite selection of gemstones, crystals and power stones and in fact we here quite often, “One of the Best Collections they have seen & it is so relaxing and educational.” Many visitors, do not want to leave because they are overcome with a feeling of wellness & peacefulness, as if they had just been practicing a meditation. I like to remind everyone that, this is how we feel naturally when we are surrounded by nature. And with the 'hustle & bustle of daily life it can be so benefiial to have these amazing creations of  'Natures Art' around your home, office and or wearing.It is fun to find out from visitors & locals, who are visiting Star Light, the various types of work that they do, such as doctors, nurses, accountants, financial planners, fire fighters, teachers, healers, moms, dads, grandparents… what is even more delightful for me to see is the amazement when someone is holding a crystal and to their surprise they feel a sensation, of heat, warmth, tingle or even a pulse like energy, in their hand or somewhere on their body. It is a reminder that nature is 'Alive' and realizing that it grew for millions of years. Even technology uses silicon chips to program technology which is a crystal. Hmmm...not so woo, woo when we think about this.  This life force is always is. what it is.

I  & staff love to help, in finding meaningful treasures to give as gifts to one self, family and or friends. We can help suggest what is a good match to be supporting and nourishing no matter who it is. If you are not able to visit Star Light at this time, I am happy to help you find your treasures for your self or as gifts. I will take pictures of what we have and email them to you. I do this often and it is very enjoyable to be of help with insights and suggestions.